ThermaCote® extracts humidity from your building, while simultaneously insulates it.

Humidity is an factor of thermal transfer, microbial development and responsible for pathologies.

In a building, humidity is an aggravating factor of thermal transfer, microbial development and responsible for pathologies that are harmful to the frame structure (fungi, mold, degradation of coatings, corrosions, condensations, etc.) and for your health, causing asthma and allergic reactions.

If you want to protect your building from humidity, you should seriously consider applying ThermaCote® on walls and roofs.

ThermaCote® removes most of the moisture from the wall.

ThermaCote removes most of the residual humidity of the wall. The water vapor permeance of ThermaCote is 6.779 Perms in the inner to outer direction while it is only 3.618 Perms in the outward inward direction. It is therefore normal for the residual humidity of a wall to migrate towards the outside.

Too ThermaCote protects from the outside moisture. Because of that, ThermaCote avoids development of fungi, mildew, mold and mites, protecting your health, extending the life cycle of a building, and reducing of heat loss improving the thermal resistance of a wall. This significantly reduces the run time for air conditioners or heaters, produces energy savings, and reduces maintenance costs.

ThermaCote® is an all-in-one solution: insulation, anti-humidity, airtightness and decoration. By installing it in one application (without primer) with an airless sprayer, ThermaCote® reduces application time and costs. ThermaCote is approved by the European Cool Roof Council

More advantages of ThermaCote :