In fact, on any support, be it: plaster, concrete, brick, plasterboard, wood, glass, cladding, slate, tile, all metals etc … ThermaCote hangs directly on almost all surfaces, as long as these be clean and dry.

Yes, ThermaCote contains in its formulation rust inhibitors that can stop the degradation of the support.

However, it will be necessary to brush and clean the support beforehand in order to get rid of impurities as much as possible stop-rust product.

YES ThermaCote can be applied either as a sub-layer and then covered with another finishing paint, or as a finishing paint directly.

The paint finish is exceptional and the walls can be cleaned with water.

The basic shade of ThermaCote® paint is white. A matt white and allowing a perfect finish. However, to broaden the color palette, we offer different shades, based on European pigments.

These pigments are mixed with a precise dosage by the applicator during mixing before application.

ThermaCote applies only with airless spray equipment. ThermaCote requires an application airless pump capable of maintaining an 8 LPM output spray.

ThermaCote is guaranteed for life for indoor use and 10 years for outdoor applications.

The structure of the product which is 80% solid in the liquid makes it a stable and durable barrier both in its thermal protection functions and in its aesthetic functions.

YES ThermaCote coating, which is both a barrier to water and air, allows the support to breathe. The properties of the ceramic make ThermaCote both thermal protection and protection against moisture and mold.

YES ThermaCote has all of these qualities. Applied outside it will behave like a thermal envelope preventing the cold or the heat to return, applied inside it will act by its power of reflection like a barrier preventing the heat generated by your heating to leave by the walls, the same one something for air conditioning by preventing the cold out.

The consequences of these qualities are on the one hand a better comfort of life, but also and it is the most important a reduction up to 40% of your heating consumption or air conditioning.