ThermaCote® Saves Energy and is a superior corrosion protection.
For commercial, residential, exterior and interior.

ThermaCote® is a superior spray-applied reflective thermal barrier which in its simplest definition can be described as an “energy saving paint“. When dry, ThermaCote® looks just like any flat latex paint, yet it helps to significantly conserve energy.Technically,

ThermaCote® is a high performance thermal barrier, which incorporates ceramic technology to prevent the transfer of heat (or cold). It also has corrosion protection and control properties in addition to condensation control.

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30% of the energy loss of a building comes from the roof. Roof insulation must be a priority.


Reduces expansion and contraction, minimizes leaks and damage, and adds life to buildings.


ThermaCote® is the perfect solution for insulating valves and pipes in an industrial line.


ThermaCote® can be the solution for reducing the surface temperature while combating the common issue of the of the Urban Heat Island Effect in residential areas.


ThermaCote® is versatile and has many different uses, from industrial applications, interior and exterior of buildings and structures, and specialty applications including parking structures, asphalt roadways, refrigeration vehicles, etc.