Heat can cause cracks in your asphalt.

Dark pavement gets hot in the sun because it can absorb 80-95% of sunlight. Asphalt black tops can become upwards of 70 degrees Celsius on even a moderately sunny day. Hot pavements aggravate urban heat islands by warming the surrounding air, and this contribute to global warming by radiating heat into the atmosphere. Pavement can aggravate urban heat islands because they comprise about one third of urban surfaces.

Cracks caused by heat can result in water seeping in. The water can damage the asphalt by eroding the sub-surface layers. This results in an air gap forming within the pavement. Hot pavement can also raise the temperature of storm water runoff.

Without ThermaCote®

With ThermaCote®

ThermaCote® is an asphalt protection coating.

The act of coating a surface with ThermaCote® helps that surface resist absorption of heat caused by changes in temperature or exposure to direct sunlight. ThermaCote® can be the solution for reducing the surface temperature while combating the common issue of the of the Urban Heat Island Effect in residential areas.

ThermaCote® adds traction for parking structures without the addition of aggregate materials. This gives our coating the special ability to maintain a smooth finish when applied, while reducing skid and slips simultaneously. When tested in wet conditions, ThermaCote® improves the safety of regular asphalt and concrete surfaces and is proven safe for vehicular and pedestrian traffic in parking lots in accordance with the slip and skid resistance standard of California (ASTM C1028 and California Test 342).

ThermaCote® is not slippery when wet! Finally, by reducing asphalt temperature, we avoid cracks and erosion.