How does ThermaCote protect your pigs and reduce your energy costs?

Thermal stress occurs when a pig’s body temperature rises above appropriate limits.

If a pig is under heat stress and cannot regulate its body temperature, it will collapse and this can lead to death. Heat stress occurs when a pig’s body temperature rises above certain limits and under these circumstances the pig first increases his breathing rate in an attempt to remain calm. Next, the pig looks for environmental opportunities for refrigeration, which can be wallowing in mud or spreading itself in urine. 

Heat stress should be priorotized in order to avoid unnecessary suffering and increase productivity. Pigs that are subjected to high temperatures reduce their growth rates. Birth rates may also decrease by up to 25 percent. To achieve adequate animal welfare, we need to provide the animals with the right temperatures to remain comfortable. To achieve this optimum temperatures the cost in heating and cooling tend to be so high that profitability becomes drastically reduced.

ThermaCote is a Thermal Insulation Coating

If you want to protect your pigs from thermal stress and reduce your energy costs simultaneously, you should consider applying ThermaCote as a solution for your farm.

ThermaCote is a high performance thermal barrier coating, that incorporates ceramic technology to prevent the transfer of heat (or cold). The use of a ThermaCote® as a thermal insulator allows the reduction of the final economic cost of the energy used in your farm by lower the use of heating and cooling units. ThermaCote contributes to a reduction in the mortality rate of animals.

 Thanks to the comfort generated by the ThermaCote insulator, animals achieve the ideal weight by consuming less feed and production becomes increased. In addition, the quality of the final product increases. Finally, ThermaCote protects from condensation on your farm due to its thermal insulation performance, reflectivity, airtightness and high vapour permeability. In this way, your farm will remain drier and healthier for the life of your business.

More advantages of ThermaCote :

  • Thermal insulation
  • Saving up to 40% energy
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-condensation
  • Quick application
  • Durable and Quality
  • All types of roofs
  • Increases efficiency of PV solar