Case study

Wall and Roof applied for Waterproofing and insulation at Al Dhafra Air Base


700 – 800 microns of ThermaCote waterproofing, insulation, reflective material applied to Hangar 27 at Al Dhafra Air Base, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

“ThermaCote has passed all Water proofing tests”

“Roof Sheet Temperature outside with ThermaCote is at 44°C, when uncoated roof is at 65°C”, Temperature difference: 21°C

“Center of the room temperature with ThermaCote is at 27°C when uncoated room is at 46°C”, Temperature difference 19°C

“Wall temperature from inside with ThermaCote is at 34°C, when uncoated wall is at 41°C”, Temperature difference: 7°C