Case study

Lyeffion Elementary School Energy Usage Test with ThermaCote ceramic coating


Energy consumption compare between two rooms, Classroom #12 was chosen to be coated with the product with the adjacent classroom #11 assigned as the control comparison. The test rooms are of identical size with the exact same amount of exterior glass, all of which faces west. In addition these rooms are cooled by matched 2 ½ ton Bard wall mount air conditioners. These units are of the same model number and have nearly sequential serial numbers indicating that they were manufactured within days or hours of each other.

Meter readings were recorded on three separate occasions in both classrooms. Power usage in the last period of approx. 22.5 hours revealed a 40% KWH usage reduction in the coated room. Latest readings show the ThermaCote classroom at 129 KWH, and the uncoated classroom at 202 KWH. This calculates into a 36.1% reduction in electricity usage for the air conditioner in the coated room as opposed to the usage in the control room. It bears noting that this facility already had a light colored roof coating. Application of this material to dark roofs or the underside of roof decking with dark shingles would produce even more dramatic results. In addition, ThermaCote has a .83 solar reflectivity as established by the Cool Roof Rating Counsel. This high radiant reflectance can result in reduction in the number of fluorescent tubes needed to deliver an appropriate amount of light to the desktops, which could conceivably increase savings on the lighting portion of the power bill.